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How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Planning a kitchen #remodel can be very scary. A million thoughts roll through your head - "What do I want to do?", "Who do I call first?", "How much will it cost?", etc. Well I can help with you with all of that! Over the next few blog posts I’ll focus on some of the most common remodeling questions to help take the stress out of your kitchen remodel.

Let's start with the question that titles this post, shall we? A kitchen remodel can be very intimidating, but a little research and planning can make the process easier. First, start by figuring out a budget for your remodel. A quick Google search will lead you to a never-ending list of articles on kitchen remodeling budgets. From there, how do you figure out which article will provide the most useful information for your remodel? Articles from places like #HGTV and #Forbes use data that takes the national average for the cost of every kitchen that has ever been done across the United States. Those numbers aren’t always realistic though. Lumping all remodels in together means their average includes kitchen remodels that were done by flippers and renovators. Flippers are oftentimes looking to remodel on the lower end of the scale in order to maximize their profit at time of sale. Renovators spend less because investment properties have higher wear and tear on the property and require replacement more often . If you are looking to remodel your existing #kitchen to turn it into the kitchen of your dreams, you want cabinets and appliances that will stand the test of time and that will not need to be replaced in 5-10 years. This article is for you!

A look at the numbers. Why don't we get into the reason you are reading this article – what’s is going to cost and how do I prepare a budget? Note: I will be basing all of my numbers on someone looking planning a full remodel (i.e. cabinets, countertops, floors, backsplash, lighting, and appliances) with sustainable cabinetry and lasting finishes. Typically speaking, a good number to go by for your kitchen remodel is 12.5% of the current value of the house. So a $250,000 house would give you a starting budget of $31,250.00, a $500,000 house would give you a budget of $62,500, a $750k house would be $93,750 and so on. Lets break the $62.5K #budget down further. This will give you a rough idea on where your money should be going.


Percent of total budget

Total cost

Cabinetry with no upgrades (pull-outs, dovetail drawers, etc.)



Quartz or Granite Countertop






Installation and Labor









Painting and drywall work






Design work



Now this is not to say you can't save money in certain areas, but, you should keep in mind that usually if something is less expensive there is usually a good reason.

The information provided to you in this article are just guidelines on how to start your budget and prepare for a successful kitchen remodel. Don't be afraid to stop in to a local kitchen designer or cabinetry dealer *cough* Uncharted Design LLC *cough* and ask about different ways to build your budget. They are there to help.

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