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Southwestern Trends

When updating your #kitchen or #bath, you may want to look at current design trends for inspiration. According to an article by Houzz, in the first six months of this year it has seen an increase in searches for midcentury #modern kitchens, Japandi bathrooms and the coastal/beachy vibe. But what about those of us in the Southwest? How do those designs work for us? Well, the good news is, modern Southwest design is trending as well.

Modern #Southwest design incorporates elements of contemporary design with the traditional warm Southwestern vibe. Southwestern design generally incorporates a natural, earth toned palette – blues, greens, browns and reds/salmons make up the overall color palette. Walls are generally a neutral color with the brighter

blues, greens and reds used as accents. #White cabinets continue as a design staple and work well with a modern Southwest design. Using white #cabinets with a non-glossy finish as a backdrop, it’s easy to incorporate elements of currently trending

styles for a contemporary look in your kitchen or bath. If white cabinets aren’t your style, go for lighter wood tones that play well with other trending designs.

If the coastal/beachy vibe appeals to you in your Southwestern style home, incorporate elements of that style by using blues and teals as accents. Include a high contrast accent wall or other bold elements for a fresh look.

For a #midcentury modern twist, incorporate brighter colors on the walls and squared corners on countertops and other design elements. Add classic or retro designed appliances to continue the look. Other general design trends which continue to remain popular (especially since the pandemic) include easy to clean and low maintenance surface materials, hands free technology (think touchless faucets and self flushing toilets). Indoor/outdoor spaces remain popular and work especially well with our

climate. Whatever your design style – traditional or modern, rustic or contemporary, we look forward to helping you design the space of your dreams.

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